Sunday$ Contest Rules Letter

Sundays Contest Rules Letter

I wanted a way to say thanks to all the guys/gals writing me testimonials and submitting pics and videos.

I finally came up with the idea of an ongoing series of contests to rewards those who help me.

Let me explain.

Everything I do for you people revolves around the products I make for you and the orders I get from you.  So let’s start there and build around that.

I started by breaking my online store orders into price range categories.

I keep track of the subtotals of orders as they come in and let them fall into their respective price categories. As each category fills up to 30 orders, we print out the list and snip the orders into little strips of paper and drop them into a basket. Then we draw one strip. You all who have entered the contest get to bet on which number I will draw.  The one closest to that number wins. Simple.

People who enter will be guessing in advance what the order subtotal is that will be drawn.

Sunday evening at 6PM ET is when we do the drawing. We will repeat this contest over and over on Sundays thus the name of the contest – Sunday$.

The cost to enter is free.  Remember, I’m not after your money as much as I am your reviews.  Just a few minutes of your time writing me reviews is all I ask.

You do not need to place any orders to qualify for entry.  Anyone can enter. Your review is your ticket to enter.

We post several Tables showing orders accumulating in several price categories. Once the order total for a given category reaches 30 we have a drawing.

There’s lots of chances to win.

For example, we have a contest coming up where we are nearing the 30th order in the 5th category. That contest will pay out at least $501.

I make an announcement that we will have a drawing on the first Sunday after the orders reach 30 orders in that category.  This will be our first real Sunday$ drawing.

You guys/gals can fill out the Entry Form and specify what you think the winning number will be. Let’s say the slip of paper drawn is $843 and the closest entry is $598.  Not very close but if that is the closest then that person wins the pot. What is the pot? It’s the value of the order drawn. In this case $843. If you win, you get to go shopping on my store for $843. Simple.

The winner has 30 days to place his/her order so of course you would want to spend as much of your winnings as you can in that order. We’ll give you a code to use that let’s you spend right up to the total.

Once each category reaches 30 orders, we end that contest with a drawing and start the contest all over again.  So every category has a contest growing in it all the time.

There are 5 categories currently and each category has its own contest.  Each contest is played out several times per year so that’s lots of contests. Lots of drawings. Lots of winners.

For each contest I hope to see several entrants all having provided me written testimonials or something I can use in my advertising (like before & after pictures, videos etc). I get to be the judge so make it useful. Feel free to ask me if you wonder if your latest effort is to something I can use.

In the example above, the winner would have won a $843 shopping spree on my store for simply writing me a 5 minute testimonial for a product he/she had bought and used. Fast & easy.

To enter, simply fill out the Entry Form and write or submit your review(s) any time during the growth of that category from 0 to 30.

Tons of you already have, but were they submitted during the period of the contest; that is during the time the orders were accumulating from 1 to 30 for a given category?  I hope so.

There will be only one winner per drawing and all drawings will be held on Sunday$.

If you miss the deadline for a given contest, no problem. Your entry and review will roll over into the next contest period. Remember, you never need to pay a dime to enter one of these contests. Your payment is your testimony of my products. I learn a lot from them; especially the honest, constructive ones. So don’t hold back. 

We will try to have the drawings on Sunday evenings. I will eblast everybody as we get close.

For example, Categories 3 and 4 just rolled over and Category 5 is coming up.

On Sunday afternoons I will be gathering your Entry Forms and studying the testimonials and reviews you all have submitted during the accumulation of the 30 orders for that category. If you think I may have missed yours please send me a link or a screenshot or something to jog my memory for only those who I see qualify will be in the drawing and have a chance to win. 

For each contest, we will have one drawing. We’ll draw one strip of paper from the basket and that will be the winning number.  The closest guess wins. Period. Again, the winner is the Entry which came closest to picking the subtotal on the strip of paper we draw.

In the case of a tie, we will look at the earliest entry.  All entries are date & time stamped. This happens more in the smaller priced Categories. Say two people pick the winning number. Then we look to see which one filled out their Entry Form first. Simple.

Each contest starts over right after we get to 30 entries for that category. Conceivably, you could be the first entry each time a new contest starts by just watching for the 30th order in each category. We post all new orders to the appropriate categories right as they come in so you can watch them grow right here anytime, 24 hours a day.

Some contests roll over weekly; others can take over a month. I will do some distribution analysis when I have time to try and smooth out the contest frequency and get us to the magic number of 30 orders quicker.

The cutoff for Entry and Testimonials is 3PM ET the Sunday of each drawing and the drawing will be held that same evening 6PM ET when the winner will announced. Look for an email or text.  If you win, you have 30 days to spend your winnings.

So you have until Sunday 3PM ET to get your testimonial(s) written and your Entry placed for that Sunday’s drawing.

Again, if you miss a drawing, no big deal. Your name and review and Entry Form will be held open until the next drawing for that same category.

If you’re still saying “huh?” at this point, feel free to give me a call and I’ll explain it better.


Just be ready. You don’t want to miss these contests. There are winners almost every week.

Joe 253 653-7209

Good Luck.