Ultimate Rotovac™ Flood Jet


Get the Ultimate Rotovac™ Flood Jet upgrade with a Drip-Free, Clog-Free Jet Screen™ Check valve. This jet fits all Rotovac rotary machines: 360, 360i, 360 Quad, 360XL, Powerwand, DHX, Widetrack, Stair and Tough Stain Cleaning Head. It will even fit the Mytee T-Rex rotary as well.

To order the correct number of jets, you can find your Rotovac head here: PowerHeads and 360i Cleaning Heads

Jet Screen™ Stubby Check Valve Features:

  • Tempered Spring: Withstands high heat, lasts longer.
  • PTFE Ball: Seats better, last longer.

Note: While you’re at it, you may want to consider replacing your Rotovac Vacuum Ports