Teflon Glides


Huge selection of Teflon wand glides are available for a variety of wands. Wanders Glides have a mini-slot on each end of the glide for improved extraction along edges. These glides also have a 3mm deep channel-cut, extending from each end to the mini-slot.

Glides for: AUS, AW, Butler, CMP (Greenhorn), VT (Greenhorn) , Evolution, HydraHoe, Prochem, PMF, RX-20, Rotovac, SG, Stanley, Steamway and Westpac to name a few.

If you are not sure which glide you need, take a front and back photo of your wand head from about 2 feet away and send it to us via our Contact Us Form. We know most of the wands and will be able to guide you to the right glide from studying your pictures. Also consider adding E6000 Adhesive to your order if don’t already have a waterproof adhesive for installing your glide.

Note: A few of our glides cost $32 – $100 more. When you select your wand from the drop down list below, it will reveal the additional price for that particular glide.