Jet Check Valve Parts

Check Valve Caps screw right into the back of  Wanders 1/8″ V-Jets and stops jets from dripping all over the place. Jet Check Valves feature a tempered steel spring, Teflon ball (which last longer and seats better than stainless balls) and two cap types to choose from: Stubby or Jet Screen (filter). Use the Stubby type to fit into even the most cramped jet manifolds (spray bar).

Buy the Jet Screen Cap if your jet manifold allows for it (has enough head space) to help prevent clogs. Consider adding a Jet Cleaning Tool to your order especially if ordering Stubby Caps only.

Ultimate Stainless V-Jets have been selling for well over 3 years now and there hasn’t been a single complaint over a broken spring.

Note: The Jet Screen Cap (Jet Filter) option is available as well but it may not fit narrow/small jet manifolds on some wands.

From the options below you can choose to buy as many individual parts as you want or sets or any combination thereof.

  • Set Includes: Cap, Ball and Spring
  • Set Includes: Cap, Ball and Spring
  • Individual Parts

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