Injector Swap Program


How many Inline or Injection Sprayers (HF’s) do you have sitting, broken taking up space in your garage? Get them all fixed! Send us your non-functioning injection sprayer blocks and we will service them for FREE!

That’s right, you break em, we fix em for you. Injection sprayers are one of our specialties! All you pay for are the parts.

Parts Included Are:

  • Lifetime Stainless Injector Block
  • Quick Change Brass Adapter
  • Siphon Tube
  • Siphon Filter

You’ll never have to buy another rebuild kit again and you can stop getting bent over by retail suppliers who only want to sell you an entirely new injection sprayer! This swap program is the permanent end of your Inline Injector Sprayer blues.

So, why do we call it a Lifetime Stainless Injector Block?

Most all other injector blocks on the market are nickle coated brass. Whereas Wanders injector blocks are ALL stainless steel therefor, we can guarantee it for life.

While you are at it, consider purchasing a Dip Free Stainless Injection Sprayer Jet

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