High Shear Kit (HSK)


The High Shear Kit (HSK) converts wands from a single jet or 2 jet wand with jets mounted high, to a multi jet wand with the jets placed low for better heat and pressure right where it counts at the fiber, thus better cleaning and faster dry times.

What is Shear? Think of “Shear” like skipping a rock across a lake – that’s high shear. With this kit, the level of shear is adjusted easily by loosening the wingnuts (no tools necessary) and sliding the jet manifold/spray-bar into a new position, varying the depth of jet penetration. Set it to LOW shear to penetrate dirty carpets or set it to HIGH shear for not so dirty carpets and faster drying times.

With this kit you will always get even flow across the width of the head. When you need to adjust your solution flow or jet spray pattern quickly to suite the job, an extra/additional HSK Jet Spraybar  comes in mighty handy. Simply disconnect the HSK Hardware by unscrewing  the wing nuts, pop off your usual Spraybar (Jet Manifold) and install your new one and you are off and running.

Unique Benefit: Quickly change spraybars without any tools. For example, use low flow jets for the winter months and switch to high flow jets for the summer or for those really grimy jobs that require more flushing.

Kit comes complete with: Complete Spraybar with Ultimate Jets, with your choice of “Flow” (Click here for Flow Chart), Mounting hardware, Velcro Strap, and Supply line with Quick Disconnect.