Wanders Injection Sprayer

Base Price: $170.00

The Wanders Injection Sprayer is loaded with the highest quality components and many features not found on competing injection sprayers.

Maybe the most important piece to the Wanders Injection Sprayer is the Injection Block itself with its Lifetime Warranty! You’ll never have to replace your ENTIRE injection sprayer ever again!

This sprayer comes with not just one, but TWO high-quality brass flow-through quick disconnects, one on each end of the supply line hose, allowing your gun to truly swivel freely. The Sprayer Supply Hose comes in your choice of colors: blue, orange, red, green or gray and comes standard with our Reusable Gator Crimps. The Stainless Drip-Free Jet prevents your sprayer from dripping all over the place while the Top Hat Strainer Assembly filters out foreign material that could clog or damage your injector block. Our Quick Change Adapter lets you quickly swap injector block assemblies (if/when your sprayer stops drawing chemical from the jug). The wide mouth side fill port lets you refill the jug without removing the injector assembly and the molded holder keeps your lance held securely to the jug and off the floor.

Wanders Injection Sprayer Features:

  1. 5 Quart Jug with fill marks and wide mouth side fill port
  2. Lifetime Stainless Injector with stainless nozzle bushing and quality Draw Tube Assembly
  3. Your Choice of Stainless Male or Brass Female QD with Cool Connect on the tail-end of your Injector Assembly
  4. Quick Change Adapter lets you swap injectors easily
  5. Supply Line in your choice of color with swiveling Flow-through Quick Disconnects on each end for easy handling
  6. Spray gun proven reliable for our trade, inexpensive Rebuild kit available
  7. Drip-Free Jet, (8006) long life 304 Stainless (never accept brass jets)
  8. Chemical Resistant Seals throughout
  9. Metering Tip. (Yellow) 8:1 Ratio

Lifetime Warranty: That’s right. Wanders will repair your injector(s) for free for as long as you own the injector. You only pay for parts which on average is no more than $12 plus shipping. See Injector Swap Program for more details.