Injector Swap Program


How many Inline or Injection Sprayers (HF’s) do you have sitting, broken taking up space in your garage or truck? Get them all fixed! Send us your non-functioning injection sprayer blocks and we will repair them for FREE! That’s right, you break em, we fix em! All you pay for are the parts.

How The Swap Program Works
When you purchase this product/service, we will send you a pre-assembled:

  • New Lifetime Stainless Injector Block
  • Quick Change Brass Adapter
  • Jug Cap
  • Siphon Tube with filter

We will also send you a Self Addressed/Postage Paid Envelope. All you need to do is fill that envelope with all the injectors you want repaired, then seal it and drop it in the mail. Easy! Once delivered to the repair shop we will evaluate what parts need replacing and we will contact you with the cost of those parts. (Typical/average cost is usually no more than $12 plus shipping.)

So stop buying entirely new injection sprayers needlessly! This swap program is the permanent end of your Inline Injector Sprayer blues.

While you are at it, consider adding a Dip Free Stainless Injection Sprayer Jet to your order.