Stainless Vacuum Y Splitter


The Stainless “Y” allows you to split your vacuum from two hoses into a single hose or visa versa. This is part of a system known as the “Max Vac Package”.

It is most often used in “4 to the Door” set ups where two 2″ diameter vac hoses are run from a truckmount then reduced to a single 2″ or 2.5″ diameter hose at the door.

It’s based on the scientific fact that air flows easier through larger hoses (two 2” hoses is obviously larger than a single 2” hose). This setup maximizes your vacuum on really long hose runs.

The Stainless “Y” Splitter is available in 2″ or 2.5″ diameter tube and can be outfitted with any assortment of vacuum cuff’s but Cool Cuffs are certainly your best option.

Feel free to Contact Us for help determining the best “Max Vac Package” for your truckmount.

If you are interested in the “Ultimate 4 to the Door” setup, consider purchasing a Silver Bullet™ In-Line Filter . With a dual port, rear lid Silver Bullet™. You get all the benefits of the “4 to the Door” setup AND an awesome In-Line Vacuum Filter that keeps recovery tank maintenance down to a minimum.


The Y splitter is made of superior stainless steel and Cool Cuffs are made of rugged polypropylene to hold up to years of abuse, Cool Cuffs thread right onto your existing vacuum hose and cost less than the vinyl cuffs and connectors they replace! In addition these come with a sliding latch to ensure a “vacuum leak seal”.

Fast and Easy: A simple quarter turn and it’s connected.
Won’t Separate: Go up stairs, around corners, around the reel. It won’t come apart.
Durable: Rugged polypropylene holds up to years of abuse.
Cool Factor: black, ergonomic, low profile with tapered ends.
Inexpensive: Costs less than what it replaces: cuffs, barb & strap.
Longevity: Easily outlasts other connectors.
Adaptive: Can be Reduced from 2.5″ to 2″ to 1.5″ with the right adapters (sold separately) with a simple twist.
Compatible: Threads right onto your existing vac hoses (although we do recommend you use it along with the best most flexible vac hose in the industry: Lil’ Better Vac Hose)