Solution Hose Revitalization Kit


If you are like most cleaners, you have a bunch of used solution hose just lying around unused in your garage or van. The QD’s are dented, scratched up and rounded over, the black vinyl bend restrictors are ripped or missing and it leaks on the ends. The Solution Hose Revitalization Kit allows you to breathe new life into old, but still good hose.

The magic lies in the Gator Crimp™ which allows you to install new ends on your own hose using a few common tools. Simply make clean cuts to the ends of your hose, slide on your HoseSaver™ Bend Restrictors, coat the ends with the Lil tub of Silicone, and install the crimps. Once installed, screw on The JoeValve Shut Off and the Ultimate QD Set and your old hose is ready to work for you once again. All at a discounted price and FREE Shipping.

Kit comes with:
2 Gator Crimps™ (Choice of Zinc Steel or Stainless)
2 HoseSavers Bend Restrictors
1 Ultimate QD Set (Choice of Cool Connect Color)
1 JoeValve Shut Off Valve
1 Lil Tub of Silicone