Gator Crimps


Gator CrimpsGator Crimps™ are actually the “Anti-crimp” since it negates the need for expensive hose crimping machines or professional hose crimping services at your local hydraulic hose store.

Gator Crimps enables you to repair your own solution hoses on the spot. It’s easy! All you need are a few common tools.

Click Here to Download the Gator Crimp Installation Instructions!

  • All solution hoses sold here at Wanders (very few exceptions) have Gator Crimps installed. We’re talking hundreds of miles of hose.  Therefore, Gator Crimps work!
  • Guaranteed to fit 1/4″ solution hoses (Wanders High Heat, Cool Flex, Goodyear, Schieffer, Parker, etc.)
  • Guaranteed not to leak or blow off IF installed correctly!
  • Study the PDF instructions and watch the video.

Two Metals to Choose From:

  • Zinc Coated Steel – $6 each
  • Stainless Steel – $12 each

Consider the savings of constructing your own hose and/or repairing old hoses instead of always replacing them and throwing them away.

We suggest you add Cool Cuff Lube to your crimp order. Not only will it assist you in installing your crimps, it also great for a variety of maintenance repairs.