Cool Cuffs™ Starter Cuff


The Cool Cuff™ Starter is used to bridge the connection of a 2” barb or pipe on typical truckmount recovery tanks to a Cool Cuff™ Female Swivel. Available in two sizes: 2″ and 2.5″ diameter.

Patented Cool Cuffs™ replace traditional vinyl cuff and barb connectors. With a simple twist they connect! Hoses will not come apart even if the vac hose is stretched to it’s limit or if you are cleaning several flights up in a building.

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Made of rugged polypropylene to hold up to years of abuse, Cool Cuffs thread right onto your existing vacuum hose and cost less than the vinyl cuffs and connectors they replace! In addition these come with a sliding latch to ensure a “vacuum leak seal”.

Fast and Easy: A simple quarter turn and it’s connected.
Won’t Separate: Go up stairs, around corners, around the reel. It won’t come apart.
Durable: Rugged polypropylene holds up to years of abuse.
Cool Factor: black, ergonomic, low profile with tapered ends.
Inexpensive: Costs less than what it replaces: cuffs, barb & strap.
Longevity: Easily outlasts other connectors.
Adaptive: Can be Reduced from 2.5″ to 2″ to 1.5″ with the right adapters (sold separately) with a simple twist.
Compatible: Threads right onto your existing vac hoses (although we do recommend you use it along with the best most flexible vac hose in the industry: Lil’ Better Vac Hose)