Red Release™ Stain Remover


Red Release™ is a unique system for the effective removal of red stains from carpet and upholstery. It comes in two stages: Part 1 – Spray and Part 2 Sprinkle. Most often, Part 1 is all you need. For more stubborn stains Part Two kicks it up a notch making Red Release™ the most comprehensive, thorough and effective red stain remover in the industry even on old stains that you may have attempted to remove years ago.

“Joe, you should be flogging the Red Release for wool – low ph, works like magic! I was cleaning a wool broadloom in a clients hallway last week and saw a red stain I’d worked on years ago (and couldn’t entirely remove). I mixed up your stuff, sprayed it liberally on it and a few other little red spots in the same area (that I hadn’t even bothered to try and remove years ago), came back in ten minutes and they were ALL GONE! This stuff is an absolute must for anyone who touches wool! Thanks!” – Dave Wassenar

Quick Stats:

  • Red Release™ Part 1 – Spray makes up to 3 gallons of ready to use product with an indefinite shelf life (it will never weaken or go bad) and can be used with or without steam or heat.
  • Red Release™ Part 2 – Sprinkle is used in powdered form, is used sparingly and only on areas previously wetted with Part 1 Spray.