Rat Nasty™ Apartment Pre-Spray


Rat Nasty™ is a high pH (pH 12), low foam, carpet pre-spray specifically designed for those infamous “rat nasty” apartments that require a very potent, all-in-one oxygen, solvent with Wanders Red Release™ red dye remover. Rat Nasty™ cuts through and dissolves all the greasy, ground in food and Kool-Aid™ spills without the need for additional steps or chemicals.

Pump Up and Electric Sprayers:
Mix 3 – 6 oz. per gal of warm water.
Injection Sprayers:
(4 to 1) Mix 3 – 6 oz. (9 to 1) Mix 6 – 9 oz.
First, test in a non-conspicuous area for color-fastness. Spray the area evenly. Agitate with a rotary scrubber or CRB (Counter Rotating Brush). Rinse/extract.