Rat Nasty™ Apartment Pre-Spray


Rat Nasty™ is a high pH (pH 12), carpet pre-spray specifically designed to clean neglected carpets like apartments. The 100% active formula contains advanced surfactants and builders, potent oxidizers, special solvents designed to cut through heavy soil and greasy ground-in food spills with ease. Rat Nasty also contains Wanders Red Release™ red dye remover which will release red stains that have not been worked on. This all-in-one prespray should save you trips to the van for spotters. It’s all in there. Rat Nasty™ cuts through ground-in soils, foods, grease and Kool-Aid™ spills without the need for additional steps or chemicals. Each box comes with your choice of 100% Ultra concentrates (4oz/8lb) added to help boost your rat nastys as needed. Note: 40lb is your best value since you get 5 flip-tops (40/8=5) of your choice deodorizer, solvent, fragrance.

Available in Two Sizes/Amounts: 8.lbs. and 40 lbs.
Available in Several Fragrances: Joedorcide, Tropical, Nectar, Lavender and Unscented.