CT Booster Pre-Spray


CT Booster Carpet and Tile Pre-Spray is a powdered booster and cleaning agent for carpet, tile, grout and concrete. CT’s Effervescent action penetrates, lifts and emulsifies grease, oil and soils. Use as a powerful booster or stand alone pre-spray for everything from restaurants to residential. Effective. Economical. No fillers.

Available Size/Amounts

  • The 8.5 lb. Jar (Makes approximately 45 gallons of stand alone Pre-spray or 68 gallons of Booster).
  • The 50 lb. Box (Makes approximately 265 gallons of stand alone Pre-spray or 400 gallons of Booster). BEST VALUE!

As a Pre-Spray:
Add 3 oz. per gallon of hot water. (pH 10.5 – 11.0)
Add 1-2 oz. Citrus Degreaser as needed.

As a Booster:
Add 2 oz. per gallon to your favorite pre-spray. No additional oxygen needed. Safe for Wool IF you use Soils & Oils Encap (SOE) as your pre-spray. (pH 9.5 – 9.8)

For Best Result:
Spray, scrub, let dwell then RINSE!

Not recommended for natural stone.
Not recommended for natural fibers like wool (unless used with SOE).