Any Fan Ozone™


As a carpet cleaner, you already have fans, blowers and air movers so why spend money on expensive deodorizing/sanitizing ozone machines with low ozone output and weak air flow.  Any Fan Ozone™ allows you to create an affordable ozone delivery system utilizing the gear you already have.  Fits “any fan” with a grill which the stainless steel cable-hooks can grab onto. Add a mechanical or digital light timer (sold separately) and you have a complete system that will deodorize and sanitize an entire room and then turn off automatically after a few hours.

Quick Stats:

  • 110 Volts, 16g Per Hour Ozone Generator
  • Stainless Steel Cable -hooks
  • Attached Electrical Cord
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What Is Ozone and What Is It Used For?

Ozone (O3), AKA “Activated Oxygen” is a gas molecule with 3 oxygen atoms making it a powerful oxidant that can be used to destroy odors, bacteria and viruses.

How Does Ozone Work?

The third oxygen atom of ozone makes it highly reactive when it encounters other substances. This “extra” atom easily attaches itself to other molecules converting them into something else. This process is called oxidation. Once Ozone has done its job, it converts into simple (O2) Oxygen making it a great environmentally friendly option for sanitation and odor removal.