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SANITIZING SURFACES: WHY CLEAN, THEN DISINFECT? Larry Beaver, Ph.D. RSC Bio Solutions In these trying times, we are all looking for better ways to keep our homes and workplaces safer. Often sanitizing (making clean and hygienic) living and work spaces was a consideration only after other more basic, more superficial cleaning needs were met. The […]

Alcohol-Free Sanitizer & Cleaner In One Formula

Alcohol based sanitizers are known to dry the skin. What has been your experience? What is the cost per gallon of the alcohol sanitizers you’ve used? Soils and Oils + White Knight sanitizer costs about $5/gallon. I don’t sell a sanitizer per se. I am teaching you to combine Soils and Oils (an excellent surfactant blend that […]

Deadly Dust

I’ve been all over the cleaning forums trying to help you guys realize the importance of using masks. Here’s a guy asking if the dust from vacuum cleaners could be a problem. Can the virus get on us from using our vacuum cleaner? If it can, what do you do to prevent this and how […]

Pets are People too.

First time you are introduced to peoples’ pets, take full advantage of the opportunity. Do it right and you will be accepted. You’re busy setting up but try making it a point to slow down, drop everything and kneel down to their level, keeping your distance. Speak light and gentle; ask the owner for their […]

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