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You’ll get more done in the first 5 minutes of your day than the rest [...]

What do you guys use to clean your Jets other than taking them out

You’re not going to be able to clean your jets without taking them out. The [...]

All about Jets for your Wands

A few of you have asked how the drip stopper works. I did my best [...]

Why get the Silver Bullet?

There are four main things we’re trying to accomplish with the Silver Bullet: 1) less [...]

Why you should buy direct from makers, not resellers.

Let me explain why I don’t sell to wholesalers.   Lots of reasons but mainly [...]

Selecting the ‘Best’ Wand

There is no single ‘best’ wand for every cleaner. A wand should be fitted to [...]

What days do you take off? Or do you at all?

I took off 2 years to go fishing in my 40s. It was kind of [...]

Trends in Flow

Trends in Flow – I sell a lot of jets and work with guys on [...]

No Pee for Free

Question: Client called complaining of a pet smell after I got done cleaning. A urine [...]


I’ve been teaching guys to use Gator Crimps for the last 7-8 years. They are [...]

Should I drop the 1.5″ whip hose?

If you’re wondering if it will give you better airflow if you drop the 1.5″ [...]

Wanders Jet Kits and High Shear Kits

Starting to sell a few Jet kits from the store. High Shear Kits will come [...]


SANITIZING SURFACES: WHY CLEAN, THEN DISINFECT? Larry Beaver, Ph.D. RSC Bio Solutions In these trying [...]

Alcohol-Free Sanitizer & Cleaner In One Formula

Alcohol based sanitizers are known to dry the skin. What has been your experience? What [...]

Deadly Dust

I’ve been all over the cleaning forums trying to help you guys realize the importance [...]

Cleaning Power

There is no debate; Medical Doctors Allergists  Carpet Manufacturers and    Experts in Cleaning & Restoration   [...]

Some Basic Peroxide Facts:

White Knight is 24%.peroxide. Sally’s is 40 Volume. Sally’s is about half as strong as [...]

Is that a stinky waste tank I smell?

Bacteria offgassing (farting) is what we’re smelling. It feeds on the foods we feed it. [...]

Pets are People too.

First time you are introduced to peoples’ pets, take full advantage of the opportunity. Do [...]

Additional Tips for Installing Gator Crimps, not discussed in videos section:

Tips for Gators on OEM – skip the strip it step. Proceed to screwing on [...]

Gator Crimps and How They Might Just Make or Break You as a Cleaner…

If you learn to use Gator Crimps and you will save thousands of dollars over [...]