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I’ve been teaching guys to use Gator Crimps for the last 7-8 years. They are all I use for the high heat 1/4″ hose and i crimp thousands of feet of hose every month. Anyone can install Gators using common tools you probably already have in your garage like wrenches and a vice. Gators eliminate […]

Gators and Thermalplastic hose

There seems to be unhappiness among guys using Gators with thermalplastic hose, Parker Parflesx and OEM. In my opinion, it’s the hose.  OEM is still kind of new. There’s still some variability in the production.  But overall it’s a good hose if you like thermalplastic. The crimps are fundamentally the same once installed, inner sleeve/outer […]


SANITIZING SURFACES: WHY CLEAN, THEN DISINFECT? Larry Beaver, Ph.D. RSC Bio Solutions In these trying times, we are all looking for better ways to keep our homes and workplaces safer. Often sanitizing (making clean and hygienic) living and work spaces was a consideration only after other more basic, more superficial cleaning needs were met. The […]