Fewer and fewer hose shops repair hose anymore.

They use liability as the reason yet the real reason may be that they make more money selling you new hose. Then along came Gator Crimps and Buck-a-foot High Heat Solution hose.
These and our videos on how to do your own installs and repairs puts you in control of your hose problems,

Now cleaners save thousands $$$ over their career solving their own hose problems.

Hose history for me: sold regular Goodyear hydraulic crimped hose. ~2004-2006,
started making a hose that did not give Black Death, came up with High Heat Solution Hose ~2007-2010, started making/selling custom hose, custom lengths & colors, crimps ~2007 and on,
started making/selling all my hose using reusable crimps ~2009 and on.

Developed my own reusable crimp Gator Crimps and taught cleaners to install their own Gators ~2010.
Guys would ask if I could install stainless crimps. No. No one else in the hydraulic world could either so I developed the first stainless reusable crimp.

Since its development, Stainless Gators have outsold regular Gators ~2:1,
Kept perfecting my High Heat hose, Gator crimps and Joe Valve shutoff thru 2007-2015,
These have become some of my top sellers.

Haven’t needed or recommended a hydraulic crimp for almost 20 years now,
Cleaners are well on their way to taking control of their hose problems themselves.

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