Q. My air mover is contaminated in the inside from doing too many rat nasty jobs. How can I
get the odor out of my air mover because it’s just spreading contamination.

A. Strap an Any Fan Ozone generator onto it once in awhile and get paid to deodorize the
whole place – including your fans.

Q. I thought your ozone generator blows ozone outward. I don’t understand how It would
clean out the inside of it. Just trying to figure out the best and easiest solution

Q. but you could mount it or place it at the intake. 

A. Yes you can but I chose the output grill of the fan for installation because every fan has a
grill and the mounting box and straps I came up with mount real easily to that grill.
Like others are saying ALL the air eventually goes through the fan. If ozone is in the air, then
ozone is circulating through the fan.

A. Ozone doesn’t clean as much as it deodorizes which is what you asked for.

Ozone is a gas. Gases penetrate and permeate. Ozone gas will destroy any organic odor it
gets to – in seconds.
Guys set up my Any Fan Ozones at the intake to registers and let it circulate air throughout
the place.

Good up to 2000sf but best at 1000sf or less, the ozone flows through the fan like all the
other air in the place deodorizing the air and everything the air comes in contact with.

Note: I’m sort of mocking the entire ozone industry by taking the generator out of the box
but that’s just what was needed – so you guys don’t blow all your money on overpriced
boxes with that tiny little ozone generator inside.

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