You’re not going to be able to clean your jets without taking them out.

The best tool for cleaning jets once you do take them out is this thin little wire designed to work for all the jets, even the tiny Low Flow jets.

Best to do what these guys are saying, use lots of filtration of the water before it gets to the jets so you don’t need to remove the jets as often.

Probably the best prevention is the jet screen at the back of the jet because there is always stuff getting by the filters upstream and without a filter at the jet itself, it will clog.

Line of Jets

Another tip is to go to slightly larger jets.

Example – the MaxFlow (which recovers more water than the average wand) allows you to use a slightly larger jet (med-high flow) and still get the recovery you need. Big reduction in rate of clogging of jets going from Med Flow to Med High Flow jets.

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