Q. Dennis asks

Approximately how long does it take for the enzymes to get rid of urine odor?



Dennis Good question. I tested a bunch of products looking for the best (actual liquid stagnant urine in a 2 cup size container). Finally gave up and made my own from Kombucha cuz that’s the closest bacterial that ever went to completion for me. Do the tests and you will see what I mean. They are slow.

I got so sick of smelling the urine days later; wanted a way to measure the odor, finally started measuring ammonia in parts per million and sulfides and graphed them. I graphed a ton of products.

Conclusion: None of the enzymes do much good until the 12 hour point. Most take a good 2 days to get down below 10 ppm and a good 3-5 days to get down to 1-2ppm if they ever get there at all. Plus, as I said, they’re expensive.

All the oxidizer products got there quicker. The best one goes to 0ppm as fast as you can mix it thoroughly into the urine sample. I was so excited to find it, I still remember saying to myself “Instant”, and that’s been the name since then, “IOR = Instant Odor Remover”.  I still don’t have a label but several guys are using it now if anybody wants to try it. 

It’s a very versatile cleaner/deodorizer., 

At $35 per 8lb jar of powder, IOR will last an OO a full year.

Another problem solved (4 years of testing later, LOL).