Ken says, “Using OSR with blistering hot water , flooding the area for 30 minutes removed urine, stains and all odors, never had a call back.”


Joe says, “OSR is awesome. Flooding & flushing with an oxidizer is the only way to solve it quickly. Not so sure about the blistering heat though. Remember the study Jeff Bishop did a few years ago – no matter how hot you put down the water, it’s still lukewarm at best soon as it hits the carpet. If you can keep the flow going, it gets up there, but then you flush out the OSR before it has time to work and powdered oxidizers like OSR do need time to work.

I think it best to add TAED to your OSR.  Google the name if you want to know how it works, but it’s a chemical that was popularized in Oxyclean (or at least that’s where I first heard of its use).  It extends the oxidative power of powdered oxidizers from minutes to hours.

I’ll match anybody’s OSR price with my JOSR.  Mine contains TAED.  Plus you get to pick your favorite fragrance. Plus you get free shipping even from me is Seattle, WA to you in Florida.