Q. I took my glide off and its now slightly loose.

What’s the best way to refit it so it fits tightly.

I saw something about heating it up in the oven?



Heating it up in the oven is for when it is new and needs to be stretched out a little to fit over the metal lips of your wand.  Now that it is a little too loose, you do need to reseat your glide.

– Wash the glide in warm soapy water. Scrub it with 3M pad. Rinse and dry with a heat gun. 

– Clean the metal lips of your wand with a glass cleaner like Windex. Wipe dry with paper towel. 

– Apply a thin bead of GOOP or E6000 along the front & back lips of your glide or the front & back lips of your wand then press glide into position. 

– Add more silicone to the ends of wand/glide contact to seal off any air leaks. 

– Let silicone cure for a couple of hours then get back to work.


Danny asks, Is it difficult to re-remove the glide after you glued on with the E 6000?


Answer, No. Just slide a regular slotted screwdriver into the end between the glide and wand lips and pry it off. You will deform the glide a little doing this but no big deal. It will be shaped a little like a banana. No problem. Just bend it back into a banana with the opposite curvature before reinstalling it.  This way it will fit snugly against the metal lips of the wand no matter how many times you need to take it.

Just don’t make a habit of removing your glide. Maybe once during its life is about all you should attempt cuz it does weaken them a little each time.

Some wand heads can be cleaned without removing the glide.  some guys tell me they use a Hack saw blade (for Slotted glides) sliding it up in there and sawing back and forth. Be careful.