I’ve repaired 1,000s of injectors over the years; mostly the ones mentioned here. Over 90% are fixable. I only charge for parts, not labor. Watch the Injector Swap Program Video.

The Swap Program minimizes downtime and saves you from having to worry about these things not working.


I never really wanted to make an injection sprayer because there’s so many that just need some TLC, but so many guys are brainwashed into thinking they need to buy a new one every time theirs stops working… so I started making my own just to get guys to listen to reason.


Mine has several features that solves the most common problems with the others out there,

like stainless components

-Oetiker clamps instead of plastic tube clamps,

-injector block with a lifetime warranty, stainless,

-stainless nozzle bushing with lifetime warranty,

-stainless jets instead of the standard brass jets,

-stainless tube for your handle instead of brass.

-supply lines with your choice of crimps, either zinc coated steel or long-life stainless steel,

Supply line in your choice of color,

Long-life heat sleeve* instead of sissy foam sleeve,

*suggested by veteran cleaner Sam Miller

like the Gun with stainless screws* instead of brass screws.

*suggested by veteran cleaner Jared Willams


Basically, all the parts that fail with the other injectors, I’ve made better with mine.


But again, you probably don’t need another sprayer do you?

Most of you guys have several injection sprayers out in the garage.

You bought them from salesman who make more $$$ selling you new ones rather than helping you fix your old one.

Now, you’ve got that one sprayer in the truck that works and that pile of parts in the garage you never have time to work on.


My advise is

1) learn how to fix your broken ones. Do this by studying the Gallery on my store. Notice how I’m replacing the same parts over and over. Buy these same parts off my store and fix them yourself, or,

2) hand the problem over to me and the Injector Swap Program then get back to doing what you do best, running your business, or,

3) if you really don’t have an injection sprayer, then get one of mine, the one with the all stainless components, designed to last as long as you.