There is no single ‘best’ wand for every cleaner.

A wand should be fitted to the user.

The best wand will only come from working directly with a wand builder; that guy whose passion is making tools specifically designed for the guy who will actually use the tool.

You will probably not get what is best for you by taking the shortcut of asking what is ‘best’ on a forum full of opiniated/biased cleaners.

Among the questions that need to asked in fitting a cleaner with the best wand for him …

your Experience?

Who will be using the wand? you? A tech?

How tall is the user?

What machine will it be used with?

What do you clean? proportion of open areas to tight areas,

eg occupieds vs vacants.

Will the wand be your main wand/backup/just for edging, etc,

Answer the questions and hire a wand builder to do his thing for you.

Work with an builder who listens to your needs.

Work with an builder who actually builds custom wands.

Ask his/her qualifications. Is/was he/she a cleaner?

Can/will he actually make you a custom wand designed to fit your body & needs?


Will you get to speak to the guy who builds your wand or will you end up getting a one-size-fits-all wand with no thought into customization for you?

Think golf clubs. Are you a pro who walks into a pro shop to buy a custom built set of clubs or are you shopping at Walmart?

If you go into wand selection with an open mind and make the effort to go through the Q&A with a real wand builder then you will probably get what’s best for you.

Don’t take short cuts by asking for a consensus.

Instead, do your own homework.

What’s best for you!

Don’t be misled by all the misguided wanders who haven’t really owned or even tried all the various possible ‘best’ candidates. Nope.

Skip the lazy question ‘what is best’ and really research the subject to the point where you actually end up with the wand built just for you.

Isn’t that what you are after?

You will probably run across my store:

Search ‘wand’

You will find me.

It’s been my whole purpose since day one of my business back in 2001 – to help wanders get the best value in their tools, gadgets, chems, etc.

Let’s make your job as easy as possible.  Start with the best wand for you.

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Yes, there is a wait for my wands but you will likely come away with a wand that you can truly be proud of.