There seems to be unhappiness among guys using Gators with thermalplastic hose, Parker Parflesx and OEM.

In my opinion, it’s the hose.  OEM is still kind of new. There’s still some variability in the production.  But overall it’s a good hose if you like thermalplastic.

The crimps are fundamentally the same once installed, inner sleeve/outer jacket. I’ve seen broke dick Parker guys get 7+ years out of the same hose, moving the Gator crimp down year after year.  Never happen with hydraulic crimps unless you have your own hydraulic crimper which are expensive. Carpet Suppliers, Parker stores and Napa people are all trained to sell you new hose upon any failure. They despise reusable crimps. Can’t blame them. Gators are gradually putting them out of the hose business.