If you’re wondering if it will give you better airflow if you drop the 1.5″ whip and come to your 1.5″ wand with a 2″ hose…

The answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY.

Fact – in every series of cfm (airflow) tests* we’ve done, if you sort the results on best cfm at top and worst cfm at bottom, you will see any hose run including 1.5″ hose at the very bottom of the list. Fact.

The reasons guys tell me they still run 1.5 vac hose is

1) it’s lighter and easier to manipulate than 2″ vac hose.

My answer to that was Lil Better vac hose ~15 years ago (preferred by 10 of 10 top cleaners).

I’ve had Butler guys – famous for running their long whips of 1.5″ hose – tell me that my 2″ Lil Better is more flexible than their 1.5″.

2) they want a skinny hose to go directly to their 1.5″ wand.

My answer is the same one that Greenie and hence thousands of cleaners came to – go to 2″ wands and bring 2″ hose to it.

As a transition, I did make you guys – who love your 1.5″ hose & wands – a Reducer Cool Cuff that lets you see just how powerful it is to lose the 1.5″ whip.

It’s another one of my lifetime warranted products that includes a 2″ Cool Cuff that reduces you down to a 1.5″ wand; it even swivels.

Get yourself this cuff with Insert and add a section of 2″ Lil Better then start bragging to your customers when they ask you their No. 1 Question ‘how long til it’s dry?’

search ‘reducer’


search ‘vac hose’



Bottomline – your competition who is using 2″ hose all the way to the 2″ tools is getting way better dry times than you are if you’re still using 1,5″ hose and wands.