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Alcohol based sanitizers are known to dry the skin.
What has been your experience?
What is the cost per gallon of the alcohol sanitizers you’ve used?
Soils and Oils + White Knight sanitizer costs about $5/gallon.

I don’t sell a sanitizer per se.
I am teaching you to combine Soils and Oils (an excellent surfactant blend that cleans soils and oils from surfaces like your skin) with hydrogen peroxide (an excellent germ killer).  The two work together as an excellent cleaner/sanitizer without the drying effect of alcohol based sanitizers.

Soils and Oils + White Knight Peroxide .
Cleans & sanitizes your hands and leaves your skin moist, not dry & cracked.

Remember the Virus has that outer surface of oily protein. Surfactants are good at breaking down that oil. Soils and Oils is especially good at it.
Soils and Oils + White Knight makes an excellent prespray for times like these where you need some killing action without the quats. And like all the chems I make, buy 4 gallons and get the 5th gallon for free.


For house cleaners

Here’s a hand sanitizer recipe for anyone who cleans and is used to reading labels with various dilutions for various cleaning tasks; everything from carpets to countertops, even keyboards and glass; just mixed at different dilutions. You will get great cleaning results with the added punch of hydrogen peroxide.

I can and will make a dedicated sanitizer product someday, but I see so many guys in my trade complaining of dry skin from using sanitizers with high percentages of alcohol. Then I see no warning signs that these same products are extremely flammable. One guy even posted pictures of his arms with 2nd and 3rd degree burns from getting too close to the kitchen stove. I thought of housecleaners and how some of you may need some guidance too.

Make your own sanitizer with the ingredients above for pennies. Non flammable. Soothing to the skin, not an irritant. Sanitizes as you clean. Satisfaction guaranteed.


For people with dry skin, try this alcohol-free sanitizer.

Buy a gallon of Soils and Oils and a gallon of White Knight from the store,

To make a gallon:
1) Clean and label an empty gallon jug ‘Sanitizer’,
2) fill it half full with distilled water (or Di water if you have it),
3) add 1 ½ cups of Soils and Oils,
4) add 1 ½  cups of White Knight peroxide,
5) fill the jug to the full gallon level with distilled water (or Di),
6) screw on the gallon jug Hand Pump*.
Keep the jug handy.
Squirt one to two pumps into the palm of your hand.
Rub your hands together vigorously for 15-20 seconds.
Wipe hands dry with a clean paper towel.
For a clean rinse, flush your hands under running water. Dry.
You will see a slight foaming action as the active oxygen kills germs on your skin and the surfactants in Soils and Oils release any oily soils.
Your hands will not become dry from this. 

You could carry a 4oz flip-top bottle of this formula with you and use it anywhere.  

It’s safe for the whole family.
*Anybody who buys the gallon of each above gets a free hand pump dispenser to go with it.

All of these products are available on my store.
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Hope you like it.