Great post from cleaner proud of his work during the coronavirus scare.

He says it so well,

“Cleaning a hotel today. Getting some maintenance cleaning done while they’re slow. And while we were cleaning the manager scheduled common areas in an apartment complex for next week. Don’t buy into hype, use it as a reason to get things done. What better time is there to get hotels and restaurants clean? Don’t use scare tactics or promises of disinfecting, a friend told earlier this week- clean is healthy and that’s as far I talk about it.”

  • Jeff Stubbs, Pruitt Carpet Care

I second that! Yes. Sell what you do best – CLEAN.
Remind them you can’t disinfect dirty surfaces so they should be cleaning more, not less.

For the same reasons they tell us to wash our hands so much, remind them that you are their best weapon against these viruses – you know how to get things clean.

Don’t ask them. Tell them. You are the expert on clean so they should listen to you.

If they ask if you’re bringing viruses in say No!  Viruses want nothing to do with me.  I always start at the back of a property and clean my way out, so whatever I might bring in, I’m extracting as I work my way out.

Bottom line, anybody seriously concerned about these viruses coming into their dwellings should be seriously seeking you out – be their expert on CLEAN.