There is no debate;

Medical Doctors


Carpet Manufacturers and   

Experts in Cleaning & Restoration  

They all agree:  

Hot Water Extraction, HWE is the way they want you to clean your Carpet. 


We already know the benefits of using hot water to clean with. 

Most of us prefer hot water to cold water for cleaning just about everything including : our clothes, our dishes, our hair, etc. 

There’s just no limit to the Cleaning Power of water.

The graph above shows how water cleans better and better as the temperature rises.

Cleaning Power roughly doubles for every 20 degree increase in temperature.

130 °F is the bare minimum temperature needed for killing bacteria and dust mites. Anything less is a nice warm bath for bugs. You’re doing little more than setting the stains with the average portable extractor and by the time you realize it, you’ve soaked the carpet. After a couple of failed attempts, your carpet has a healthy mold colony growing underneath and the backing is all wrinkled.  Permanent damage is just one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t use portables.

The same people who say use HWE – the Carpet Manufacturers – are the people who will void your Warranty if they find out you’ve been cleaning your carpets incorrectly. You must be able to show them Professional Cleaning receipts anyway, so you might as well find a Professional Cleaning company you can trust and put them in charge of keeping it like new.  They’ve got the tools and the know-how to help you get the full life out of your carpeting – and protect your Warranty.