Tips for Gators on OEM – skip the strip it step. Proceed to screwing on the Outer Sleeve of the Gator using the 3/8ths drill. This will cut a groove into the outer jacket of the hose. Remove the sleeve and uncoil the loosened strip of outer jacket.

Wal-la, it’s stripped.

Other general tips for installing Gators (not on the videos) on any 1/4″ solution hose.

Use a phillips screwdriver to ream out the opening of the hose before inserting the threaded Insert. this helps getting the Insert started.

Mentioned, but not stressed enough: For the Stainless Gators, ALWAYS use Cool Cuff Lube (or similar lubricant) on the threads of both the male and female and use a hand wrench (not the drill) to install the Insert.

When done installing the Gator Crimp, run a 5″ pin file or short piece of straightened coat hanger into the end of hose to make sure you have a clear path and haven’t pinched off a chunk of hose during the crimping process. If you feel any obstruction, unscrew the Insert and remove any plug from its end then reinstall the Insert.