If you learn to use Gator Crimps and you will save thousands of dollars over the course of your career.

Each Gator Crimp you move down costs you nothing but 5-10 minutes in the garage and you stand to get another 6 months out of that hose. Compare that to taking that same hose into a suppliers’ place – they will try to get you to buy new hose. If they say “we can’t repair it due to liability reasons” BS BS BS you say “ok , fine. I’ll fix it when I get home tonight.” Who needs you?!? It’s the only reason I have installed nothing but these Gator crimps on 100% of the hose I make for you guys – to prove a point – that Gators are all you need to solve your solution hose problems… if you are handy at all. Look in Sam’s toolbox; nothing special, but everything he needs to take these matters into his own hands. Lesson: if you aren’t handy, you only have two choices, practice or get out of the trade, cuz those guys who do their own repairs will have a greater ROI than you will and in the end they will take your clients.