Ozone is fast, easy, effective and profitable.

The guys badmouthing ozone in favor of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) for severe odor removal haven’t tried a good, “high output” ozone generator or they are shills of CIO2 manufacturers.

Ozone Treatment Best Practices

Ozone works best when it’s forced in under pressure. Think “Dryouts”. Use your highest CFM fans! You want short 1-2 hour bursts of intense ozone for best deodorization results.

You should only need 4 hours tops in any area. One fan per floor up to 1,500 SQFT. Ozone is heavier than air so point your air movers up high. You need a second generator if you are treating a 2 story apartment or house.

There’s only so much air within a house or apartment for organic malodors to hide out in. Therefore, if you flood that air with ozone, the malodors quickly die. With ozone air treatments, you’re breaking down odorous chemicals like cigarette & pot smells and zapping bacteria hiding in porous surfaces like carpeting, drywall, painted surfaces, cabinets, walls and ceilings.

Yes, any remaining bacteria hiding behind door hinges, carpet padding and sub-flooring etc. could possibly continue to off-gas but this can take days and/or weeks to accumulate before it creates a significant enough problem to worry about. Even thorough hand cleaning can’t get rid of every single source of a mal-odor.

Ozone Precautions

Remember: No people, pets, plants, fish tanks, etc should be inside while the areas are being treated. Also, before retrieving your fans and generators ventilate the area thoroughly and/or wear a respirator.

Making Money With Ozone Treatments

All you have to do to sell ozone treatments is to ask your Property/Apartment Managers for a chance to treat their worst, problematic rental unit, house, condo or apartment. They all have one. It’s that place where everything tried in the past has never worked to fully remove the odor.

Ozone will work there. So be confident.

Tell them if it doesn’t work to THEIR satisfaction, you won’t charge them.
They will immediately schedule you to do 3-4 of their other problem units.
They will want to buy the machine, but it’s not for sale to them; only to you the professional cleaner.

Protect your territory by buying a few Any Fan Ozone units now before your competition does.