I get these emails from time to time…

“Hello on valve injector block for 43 dollars does that including new valve and if it breaks I send it back and ya fix it, or do I need send my block in you will fix it?” ~ Michael

“I was just wondering if we can send our pre sprayers that we currently have to be fixed. They weren’t purchased from you, but we would like to get them up and working. If we can, where should we send them to?” ~ Dustin

My answer…

Yes and Yes.

You can buy the $43 Injector before or after you send in your broken injectors for repair. Eventually you will be using my all-stainless injector on all your trucks so get one now and get good with it. Then send in all your others for a quick turn-around, inexpensive repair job.

That’s what I do best – repair them.
Send the metal block, called injector block and any draw tube you got hanging on.
I can fix most all of them; even the adjustable metering blocks (assuming they’re fixable).

The main goal in providing this service is to save you from buying a new injection sprayer when you don’t really need to. This buying of new injection sprayers is a trick that suppliers use to make more money off of you. Trust me, just because your sprayer isn’t working doesn’t mean you need to buy a new one.
Nor do you need to spend $80/hour to get your sprayer fixed. I fix them all the time for my customers for around $12 each plus around $12 shipping. It’s called the Injector Swap Program and it is explained thoroughly at honestcleaner.com. Join in if you want to save money, time & hassle on these things.

Here’s a group of 6 injector blocks that a cleaner just sent in for his annual repair.

Cost him about $72 to get them all working again with fresh draw tubes, springs, balls, screens, and quick change adapters.

5 of these injectors he got from me a couple years ago, so it’s not like mine never fail. They do, but usually it’s just the draw tube assembly. Anybody can buy it at my store, but this guy is busy like you are and doesn’t want to deal with the hassle when he could be out making money shuffling fans & dehus.

I enjoy doing these repairs knowing that each one I repair is one less supplier ripping you off.

The repair of these 6 injectors only took me about 20 minutes. I made enough $ off the parts (average $12/per injector block) to cover my labor. His round-trip shipping was around $10 so now he’s got these ready-to-use backups in his toolboxes for another year of hard cleaning. Pretty sweet deal, wouldn’t you agree?

Any regular supplier would have tried to sell him 2 or 3 complete sprayers at $150 a pop, or charge him about as much to repair them. Before long you have 5 or 6 sprayers in your garage and only the last one works. Right?

Screw that. Tell them, “Thanks anyway. I’ll just send them to Joe.” They all know who ‘Joe’ is.
I never wanna hear you buying another inline sprayer unless you really need one. OK?

BTW: I do sell a complete inline sprayer, the only injection sprayer with a lifetime warranty, for $150, complete with all-stainless injector, side-port jug, gun and double swivel supply line. But I’m gonna try to talk you out of it cuz chances are you just need a repair job done on the sprayers you already have.

Fact is, over 90% of the time the problem is in those injector blocks and draw tubes.

So let’s just keep fixing them. I’m your best pit crew for these things.

You send me your broken injectors. I fix them. You get them back and use the quick change adapter to swap them out as needed. Simple plan that works and saves you money, hassle and downtime. Another problem solved!

Here’s another batch of 4 injector blocks just in from a cleaner Michigan.

I received them on Friday, fixed them on Saturday and mailed them back the same day. He will have them in his hands on Monday thanks to the US Mail. All fixable except the one where he tried to fix it by running a drill bit through there; not the first time I’ve see this.

Don’t use drill bits!

I’ve got special tools to do this work including backouts, parts and test equipment.
I cleaned them up and installed new draw tubes and replaced his tired old brass nozzle bushings with new stainless ones. Saved 3 of his 4 injectors. Now he’s got backups he can ‘swap’ to using the quick change adapter. Easy. Cost him $47.90 plus shipping.

Dustin responded after understanding the Swap Program:

“That is awesome! I put in an order with you guys a few weeks ago and have been very pleased with the products so far. One of our injectors is going out so I’ll be ordering one of yours within the next few days. Thanks so much for the help and answering so quickly!”

Fact: I’ve been doing these repairs over 5 years now. Gotta be in the thousands I’ve fixed.
Have you ever heard any supplier (other than me) say:

  • I will try to talk you out of buying a new sprayer. You probably don’t need one.
  • I save over 80% of the injector blocks sent in to me. If I cannot repair it, I won’t charge you.
  • My average repair is around $12 each. Round-trip shipping will cost you about $12.
  • I sell an all-stainless injector assembly with a lifetime warranty. Free labor, parts only, for life.
  • I teach you the Injector Swap Program where you hardly ever get shut-down due to injector problems.
  • With the Swap, you’ve got working sprayers on each truck and a backup in each toolbox.
  • You can ‘swap’ injectors in less than 5 minutes with the quick change adapter that comes with each injector I repair.

Our mailing address is on the Contact Page:

It should only cost you about 6 bucks to ship your injector blocks to me. Use the US Mail.
Put them in a Tyvek envelope then put the Tyvek envelope inside a bubblewrap Tyvek envelope, both available at the front counter of most US Post Offices, for free.
Don’t use flat (cardboard) envelopes. Injector blocks can rip a hole and fall out.
Don’t overpay. This guy paid too much. Demand the FREE Flat Rate Tyvek/Bubble Wrap Envelope.

(253) 653.7209