As a professional carpet cleaner you have enough to worry about. Inline Injection Sprayers shouldn’t be one of them.

We’ve all been there…

…you’re in the middle of a job, your injector stops working. You frantically run to the supplier. He’s too busy plus he wants $80 an hour.

So he walks you over to the display and shows you a brand new injection sprayer. You have no choice but to buy it – you’ve got jobs to finish.

A few months later and now that one doesn’t work so you have to go through it all over again.

Before you know it you’ve got 3 or 4 (HF) Hydro Force Sprayers laying around – and only one works.

It’s deliberate. It’s planned obsolescence.

Those days are over with the (HF) Injector Swap Program

There is rarely ever a problem with the injection sprayer jug, or the gun or the high pressure solution line.
It’s almost always a problem inside the injector block itself, or the draw tube going down into the jug.

You just need a specialist to go through it for you and keep them working.

They’re small so shipping is cheap.

Start the (HF) Injector Swap Program.

Get one of my all stainless injectors.

Get good with it.

You will see it has greater siphon power than the ones you buy at your supplier. It’s all stainless, lasts a lifetime and it’s only $40.

Get the brass adapter that makes it fast & easy to install and swap out injectors in the years ahead.

Next, round up all your bad ones and send them to me.

I will fix them for the price of parts and shipping, about $6 each way.

Now you are set.

A lifetime stainless injector. A quick change adapter. A backup injector in your toolbox ready to go.

So anytime one stops working, no program, just swap to the good one and get back to work.
5 minutes and you are back to work.

No more down time. No more racing across town to your supplier on Friday afternoon for a repair you know he will say no to. No more digging around in draws for that silly rebuild kit that you paid $35 for and you know probably won’t fix the problem.

Get in on the Injector Swap Program.
Yes it’s the fast, easy and inexpensive.
Yes, it’s guaranteed to solve your injection Sprayer problems.
Yes, it frees you from rebuild kits.
Yes, it gives you lifetime performance.

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