Wand Glides


Huge selection of Wand Glides for the majority of carpet cleaning wands out there with new ones being added all the time. Wanders glides have been designed for performance and improved extraction along edges.

To install your wand glide correctly we highly recommend adding E6000 Adhesive to your order.

Glide Patterns

Depending on the wand, you can choose up to 4 different patterns for your glide: Slots, Holes, Hybrid or Ultraholes.

Slots – is by far the most popular because it sucks up debris better. Most of my Slot glides have the braces raised a little so you don’t see any lines in the carpet until it has aged about 6 months.

Holes – slide best, dries best and last the longest. but don’t pick up debris as well as the Slots glide.

Hybrid – this is a pattern that combines slots and holes. I heard one sales gal describe them as “slot-dot-slot-dot-slot-dot. OK whatever. It came about because of the fact that the holes of the standard Greenglide are small and guys wanted some slots to help pick up debris.

the Hybrid is a very popular pattern in the Greenglides but there is a bit of irregularity in vacuum along the length of the glide from the alternating slot-dot arrangement.

I solved this by making my Hole glides with larger holes, about a third larger than the Greenglides’ holes. A big hit, these large sized holes are available for many (but not all) of our wand glides like the AW29, VT and My Ti wands and later adopted for the Dang Pro and Conwand wand glides. I call this pattern the UltraHoles because of the larger holes.

There is more to this subject of patterns, but hopefully you get the gist of it.
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Note: A few glides will cost $33 – $100 more. When you select your wand from the drop down list below, it will reveal the additional price for that particular wand glide.

Definition of ‘recessed glide.’

Do you want a recessed or no recessed Slot Glide?

The recessed glide has the braces up off the carpet so the glide does not leave lines in the carpet, at least not until the glide starts wearing down. The recessed glides also clean a little better since the carpet nap gets sucked up inside the vacuum slot a little creating a mini wave of extraction. The recessed glide is also a little harder to push for the same reason – the carpet nap gets sucked up inside the vacuum slot a little more.

Some of our glides are available with recessed braces. These glides leave no lines at all from the glide for the first 6-9 months of use because the braces are recessed up inside the glide so they don’t touch the carpet. Ask for ‘recessed’ in the notes of your order.