Stainless Lifetime Nipple


This Stainless Lifetime Nipple connects a Trigger Valve to a QD (Quick Disconnect) or a Top Hat Strainer Assembly. It’s such a simple inexpensive device yet a valuable asset to have on your wand. How so?

If you’ve ever had your wand fall and hit a hard floor then you’ve probably experienced the nipple snap off behind your trigger valve. It’s because most nipples are made of brass. Repairing it requires specialized tools like an EZ-out just to save your trigger valve. What a hassle! Most cleaners just end up replacing their whole trigger valve assembly. Not anymore!

Now you can install this heavy duty stainless nipple behind your trigger – Guaranteed not to snap off!

Best 4 bucks you’ll ever spend for your wand.

(See Exploded View of The Ultimate Soft Touch Trigger Valve for position and placement.