Parker Parflex Solution Hose

$2.00 a foot

This high quality truckmount solution hose is made by Parker and has a smooth, seamless thermoplastic inner tube specially compounded for use with high temperature solutions. Handles pressures up to 1,750 PSI and temperature to 230° F.

No-slip HoseSaver™ bend restrictors are included for FREE. We also provide FREE installation of your choice of Reusable Gator Crimps: Regular or Stainless or no crimps at all.

Important Note: Choosing the “No Crimps” option means that you will be responsible for installing your own hose end hardware in order to make this a functioning carpet cleaning solution hose.

Quick Stats:

  • Heat Rating: +230° F
  • Pressure Rating: 1,750 PSI
  • Lengths: 50′ – 300′
  • Protection: HoseSaver™ bend restrictors installed
  • Color: Blue

Add Ultimate QD Set and/or The JoeValve™ Shut Off and we’ll install them for FREE.

Product Price