Lil’ Better™ Vac Hose


Lil’ Better™ Vac Hose is the original, uniquely colorful, ultra flexible, durable hose that carpet cleaners rave about!

  • Colors: We have the largest selection of in stock colors.
  • Diameters: 2″ and 2.5″. Measured by the Inner Diameter (ID).
  • Lengths: Up to 150′ continuous length on 2″ diameter

50' LengthNoYes
75' LengthYesNo
100' LengthYesNo
150' LengthYesNo

PREPARATION TIME: Typically takes 7-10 days.

SHIPPING TIME: Typically takes 5 Business days.

If you require shorter lengths up to 30 feet see our Short Vac Hose product.