Injection Sprayer Supply Hose


42″ Replacement Injection Sprayer Supply Line Hose. Price starts at just $8. Choose as many or as few options as you need.
Your choice of Gator Crimps and/or Flow-through QD’s (Quick Disconnects) which allow the hose to swivel on both ends. A complete, functional supply line with swivel QD’s can be yours for as little as $30. No other supplier has this deal! Guaranteed!


  • Available in your choice of color: Blue, Green, Orange, and Red.
  • Add Reusable Gator Crimps: $12 for Zinc coated steel and $24 for Stainless Steel.
  • Add 2 Brass Female Flow-Through QD’s for $10. Allows for easy swivel.
  • Add a Brass Male Flow-Through QD for $3 to insure compatibility with your current sprayer.