Ultimate QD™ Set


Ultimate Quick Disconnect Set includes: One 1/4″ Stainless Steel Male QD, One 1/4″ Brass Foster Female and One Cool Connect Cover with your choice of 4 colors: Orange, Blue, Black and Green.

Quick Stats:

  1. Perfect fit. Most competing QD combos are mismatched misfits.
  2. Foster Brass with two O-rings.
  3. Male QD is made of stainless so it can take a lot of abuse.
  4. Cool Connect cushions the fall and prevents warping of the brass female QD if dropped  and insulates your hands from the heat.
  5. Read more about all the benefits here: Building the Ultimate QD

We suggest you add a “Cool Cuff Lube” to your Ultimate QD order. It’s great for conditioning the O-rings on your QD’s as well as on a variety of maintenance repairs and installations such as Gator Crimps.