Heavy Duty Hose Bands


These heavy duty hose rubber bands are the affordable and sensible “Hide-a-Hose” alternative!

In theory the “Hide-a-Hose” is great concept, but in reality it’s very problematic. First, running a solution hose inside a vac hose causes turbulence and reduced vacuum (typically, 15% CFM loss). Second, solution temperature drops due to the cold vacuum air (wind chill). Third, there is extra expense with purchasing soft Hide-a-Hose cuffs that typically leak air reducing your vacuum even further. Finally, you’ll need to buy “skinny solution hose” (0.50″) in order for it to fit through the soft cuff holes.

These bands go over the vac & solution hose holding the solution line tight. We recommend purchasing 7 or 8 if you are running a 25′ whip hose or 15 hose bands for every 50′ of vac hose spacing them evenly at 3′ intervals.

Sizes: 2″ and 1.5″ (1.5″ is popular with portable cleaning setups)
Colors: Blue, Medium Green and Red