Cool Cuffs™ Reducer Insert


This Cool Cuff™ Reducer Insert enables you to connect a 2″ diameter vacuum hose to a 1.5″ diameter carpet wand, stair tool or upholstery tool.

This is undoubtedly the most important Cool Cuff™ accessory in our arsenal! Why?

Many cleaners still prefer to use 1.5″ wands with a 1.5″ “Whip Hose” which is then connected to their standard 2″ vacuum hose. Unfortunately, this drastically cuts down on the power of their vacuum. With this simple little accessory, the small “Whip Hose” can be eliminated thus eliminating the bottle neck in the vac system. Additionally, the reducer insert allows you to connect directly to standard upholstery and stair tools which are usually 1.5″ diameter.

Simply screw on the Reducer Insert to the inside of your 2″ Female Reducer Cuff hose and you are up and running, properly reduced with no vacuum loss. (See the gallery photos for an illustration).