High Heat “Skinny” Solution Hose

$1.50 a foot

New “High Heat” Skinny. Same small diameter as before so you can get more hose onto your reels, but more heat capacity, 300°F instead of 250°F.
Other Improvements:

  • The original skinny was a little too grabby so we improved it with a slicker outer jacket so it slides easier now.
  • Slightly thicker wire braid inside. I notice the new Skinny is tougher to cut with the chop saw so it should be more durable.

SAVE WITH: Buck-a-Foot Bulk Solution Hose

All the way around a better hose than the original Skinny. And the same great price.

Ships to you FREE (On orders of $30 or more). Value for value you will never find a better deal on a “Skinny” type hose than this anywhere!

Quick Stats:

Heat Rating: 300° F
Pressure Rating: 3000 PSI
Colors: Blue and Red

Choose to have reusable, regular Gator Crimps™ installed for $12 more or upgrade to Stainless Gator Crimps for only $24.00 more.  Add Ultimate QD Set and/or The JoeValve™ Shut Off and we’ll install them for free.

Product Price