Convenience Hose Outlet


The Wanders Convenience Hose Outlet connects to your truckmount or portable machines single quick disconnect solution outlet providing you with a convenient solution outlet. Use it for mixing chemicals, filling your (HF) Injection sprayer, hosing down your machine, truck, vac hoses, tools, and equipment. Very handy for washing down liners on Silver Bullet In-Line Vac Filters.

This product is made with all premium parts! You will not find a higher quality Convenience Hose Outlet anywhere.

  • Stainless Steel T-Fitting
  • Stainless Gator Crimps
  • Stainless Male QD
  • Female Brass QD
  • Cool Connect QD Cover
  • Black Foam Sleeve
  • JoeValve Shut Off Valve
  • Brass Flow-Through QD Set for swaping out Jets.
  • Your choice of Jet Size.
  • 7 foot High Heat Solution Hose included (or choose any length of hose in 1 foot increments up to 30 feet @ $1.20 per ft.)