Green Guard™ Carpet/Fabric Protector


Green Guard Carpet and Fabric Protector by TriPlex is an EPA and DfE approved film forming encapsulating, water based protectant which aids in the prevention of re-soiling of carpets and upholstery. Extremely economical. 1 gallon of concentrated Green Guard will make approx 9 gallons of ready to use protectant which covers up to 6000 SQFT!  Eco Friendly and Pet Safe.

Can also be used to prevent browning/yellowing (Brown-outs) and wicking.

Quick Specs:

  • EPA and DfE Approved
  • Pet Safe
  • Teflon FREE
  • Film Forming Encapsulant
  • Water Based (Solvent free)
  • Dilutes 1:9 with Water (approx. 14 oz. of Green Guard to a gallon of water)
  • 1 Gallon of Concentrate Covers 6,000 SQFT