YardSticks (Solution Hose Elevators) are primarily designed to keep your hot solution hose from burning a line in your customers lawns! But they can also be used to guide your hose to stay on paths and walkways instead of ending up in flowerbeds, dirt, mud and/or snow.  Make a big positive impression with your high end clients and keep those hoses safely elevated above the grass or anything else for that matter that you do not want your solution lines or vac hose getting into like mud, silt, oak worms etc.

  • Vinyl coated V-grip grabs solution hose and holds it up off the ground and won’t let go until you come along and lift hose.
  • Heavy duty rustproof steel rod.
  • Recommended spacing between each YardStick is 10 feet (1 set of 5 yardsticks will get you 50 feet, so order 2 sets for longer runs)

You get five (5) Yardsticks in your choice of two colors: Orange and Yellow