Stair Climber™ Universal Strap


The Stair-Climber™ is a popular, well proven, well thought-out, durable, multi-purpose hose hook, stair/banister/body strap useful for managing you vac hose and solution lines. Used primarily for strapping and securing your hoses to banisters eliminating “Hose Creep” and prevents chipping the paint off your customers wall while working up stairs. Lots of cleaners prefer these over the Red Hook and it’s less expensive.

  • Strong, versatile, this is the only hose wrap/hook a cleaner needs.
  • Use it to tie off vac/solution hose.
  • Use to keep hoses out of the way while wanding or rotary extracting
  • Hook it to your belt loop and take the weight of the hoses off your arms and transfer it to your waist (just be sure to cinch your belt a little tighter than normal).
  • Works perfectly with all three sized vac hoses, 1.5″, 2.0″ even 2.5″.