Short Spray Gun

Base Price: $37.00

This is the same Spray Gun Trigger Handle used on HydroForce AS08 & AS08R injection sprayers as well as the SX-12, SX-15 and Gekko Tile Tools, and Omni Pro sprayers. What Wanders has done is to turn it into a stand-alone short sprayer that you can connect directly to your solution hose and use it to apply pre-spray directly from your truckmount or use it as a “Wash Downer” to clean Silver Bullet Filter/Liners or anything on or around your truck or van. A truly versatile tool.

Comes Complete With:

  • Stainless QD Male.
  • Optional 5″ Stainless Jet Extension.
  • Choice of Jet Size/Spray Pattern:
    • 8006 (80° Typical Injection Sprayer Jet)
    • 6506 (65° Injection Sprayer Jet)
    • 5006 (50° Wash Downer Jet)